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November 2019 Blog:

Advent message from the Minister…..


Roy Wood famously sang, I wish it could be Christmas every day!’  Do you get the impression he’s getting his Christmas wish?


From October, supermarkets Christmas promotions are in full swing. November, TV commercials start including sounds of chiming bells and snow flakes and December brings out the carol singers, Christmas trees, lights and decorations.


Roy Woods Christmas wish is in the minds of most of the nation for at least a quarter of the year and it seems to get earlier each year!


Whenever I remind people that the Christmas season doesn't begin until 25th  December, I always receive the same puzzled look. The four weeks before Christmas is a season called Advent which simply means ‘Coming’ in Latin.


Advent brings an air of anticipation and excitement for Jesus’ coming. However I am not looking for the babe in a manger. Jesus has already done this!


Think about it, when it’s our birthday does our family get out our old baby clothes and retell our mothers trauma of giving birth to us? I don't think many families would spend our birthday sitting around our first bed singing and dressing up like those who visited mum with presents!!


So what are we looking forward to in Advent? The answer is simple and profound, it’s the Second coming of Jesus Christ as King!


Imagine a world governed with truth, justice, integrity and joy. A world where divisions have ended, wars ceased, poverty, disease and sicknesses no longer remembered. The environment looked after as God intended, as the weapons of war are recycled to become implements to farm the world. A baby is not going to do this but a King will. Does all this sound implausible?


Did you know the Bible refers to the return of Jesus about 300 times? With so many references I don't think the early church were standing around a crib each year to remember a baby. They were looking to the skies in hope, for Jesus promised return as King.


Although many may mock and scoff at this thought, we should rejoice because when they do they are actually fulfilling a prophecy from St. Peter (2 Peter 3:3)!


If Jesus returned this Christmas, would it spoil your family plans? Consider this, by the time you have read this message Jesus is five minutes closer to returning than when you picked up this article. So this year rejoice in the Advent hope that Roy Wood will one day get his wish, but maybe not as he first thought.


Happy Advent and have a wonderful Christmas.  God Bless


Rev. Ken

Ambassador of Christ 2 Corinthians 5:20

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