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March 2019 Blog:

Is Jesus Bored?

I once visited a church which had the phrase, 'Jesus is Lord' painted in large letters at the front of church.

Unfortunately, the artist was a little too enthusiastic with his brush and placed a curl on the letter 'L' that now made it look more like the letter 'b'. This was truly unfortunate, as it now looked like it read, 'Jesus is bord!'

Have you ever wondered when Jesus looks at our life, as his followers and disciples, do you think he is bored?

We live in an age where young people like thrills and the experiences of life which excite them, e.g. roller coasters, video games and sports. When your heart rate accelerates, your blood pumps faster through your system, your adrenaline surges as you face the challenges and conquer fears. It makes you feel alive.

However, we never think of church and our Christian faith as offering heart racing, chest pounding and adrenaline surging experiences, which not only make me feel alive but also make me realise why I am alive and the purpose of my life.

When did Christianity become boring? Maybe we have played it so safe we have compromised our faith for comfort and familiarity.

As a Christian, have I ever stood against the crowd to defend the faith and proclaim the good news of Jesus to the lost and confused or provided answers to the questions of agnostics, atheists, humanists and secularists?

Jesus said,

"Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven” (Matthew 10:22)

Imagine this in heaven when Jesus says to the Father, here is (insert your name) s/he was not ashamed to speak.

We are called to be like Jesus.....

Jesus didn't pander to the crowds

   Jesus didn't say things that wouldn't offend

       Jesus didn't just teach ear tickling messages that send you to sleep

           And sugar-coated sermons


Jesus challenged the comfortable

   Jesus comforted the challenged 

        Jesus spoke truth without compromise

            Jesus let the religious and rich walk away 

                  Jesus shook the gates of hell

If you’re bored, try standing for Jesus, speak against contemporary societies relativism and culturally normalised and acceptable sins, challenge modern philosophies and make the claim, “I'm a follower of the way, Jesus is my Lord” and by the time you get to church on Sunday, your week will have prepared your heart to worship in Spirit and Truth.

Maybe Jesus will then look at me and smile and not say, 'I'm bord!!!' But Father here is my faithful servant. 

God bless.

Rev. Ken Gowland

Ambassador of Christ

2 Corinthians 5:20

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