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December 2019 Blog:

Christmas myths

A survey a few years ago asked over 2,000 people in the UK about Christmas. The results revealed some interesting and worrying views about what the nation understands about Christmas.


For some of the confused just to clarify, Santa is not mentioned in the Biblical account of Jesus birth and neither was Jesus born in the North Pole.


Although there is a donkey in the events of Holy Week as Jesus entered Jerusalem to shouts of 'Hosanna', the scriptures do not mention anything about Mary riding into Bethlehem on a little donkey! Interesting how carols influence our thinking of the nativity.


Over a quarter of Britain’s youth – aged 18 to 24 – believe that Jesus never cried as a baby. Probably due to the lyrics of another Carol, 'Away in a manger'.


When children were asked whose birthday is celebrated on 25th December some responded, 'Simon Cowell's'.  In fact, Simon Cowell's birthday maybe closer to the real date when Jesus was actually born. The 25th December is not biblical!

Interestingly it was the older generation who had a better grasp of the biblical account of the first Christmas. Almost half of those over 65 said they were taught “a lot” about the bible, while only 21 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds said the same. Sadly for our nation we are quickly losing touch not only with the facts of Christmas but the contents of the holy scriptures with each new generation.


Unsurprisingly when adults were asked who is Christmas for? Most said, "it was for the children." A real grasp of the events of the true Christmas reveals Christmas is for all people, adults in particular.


People may save all year round to make the best Christmas, whereas Jesus saves all year round to give those who turn to him the best of Christmas today.


For unto us a Saviour is born and his name is Jesus. Are you saved?


God bless.


Rev. Ken

Ambassador of Christ 2 Corinthians 5:20

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